Even if the autumn sun still warms us a little, the cold season has already started. If you’ve caught it, however, you can use all sorts of herbal home remedies to combat the common cold and ease your discomfort. So you will be in your best shape for casino games nz.

Have you caught a cold? No wonder, in autumn, winter and spring it’s cold season – if you also travel by bus and train every day, sooner or later you’ll have a dripping nose and a scratchy throat. But don’t throw in a pill right away, see if these herbal home remedies for colds can help you.


Colloquially, people often don’t distinguish between a cold or the flu. But there are important differences:

  • A cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract that begins insidiously and leaves you feeling mildly to moderately ill. As soon as you notice it coming on, you can fight the cold with home remedies and prevent worse symptoms from developing.
  • Flu, on the other hand, caused by influenza A or B viruses, starts suddenly and is accompanied by a severe feeling of illness. The symptoms are similar, but they are much more pronounced in influenza. In particular, high fever and severe aching limbs are characteristic of influenza. Since both a cold and flu are caused by viruses, they can only be treated symptomatically.

If you suspect that you might have the flu rather than just a cold, you should visit your family doctor’s office. This is because the flu can cause serious complications, such as pneumonia or heart muscle inflammation. This is especially true for immunocompromised people.

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Even in the fall of 2022, fever, cough and sore throat can also indicate a corona infection. Therefore, if in doubt, better get medical advice. 


Various home remedies will help you against a cold. They can relieve cough, cold, fever or sore throat.

  1. make your own cough syrup – from onions and honey

Onions not only give many dishes a special touch and make our eyes water, they are also a strong companion in the cold season and a classic among home remedies. The onion has an antibacterial effect and you can make an effective cough syrup yourself from it in combination with honey.

And this is how you make onion juice for coughs:

Peel an onion, chop it, put the pieces in a glass or cup and pour two tablespoons of liquid honey over it.

For the vegan version or if there is no honey in the house, sugar is also suitable instead of honey.

Let the whole thing steep for several hours or preferably overnight and then pour off the resulting liquid.

Your homemade cough syrup is ready, which you can take several times a day on a spoon.

“Onion juice – doesn’t it taste totally disgusting?” The taste is actually tolerable and sugary due to honey and sugar, respectively. The onion as a herbal home remedy for colds and coughs works, try it!

  1. granny’s home remedies: potato and onion compresses

Warm compresses are probably one of the oldest home remedies for colds. Potato compresses are suitable for sore throats, for example. Boil unpeeled potatoes and put them directly after cooking in a cotton cloth and mash them a little. Then wrap the cloth with a towel and put it around your neck for about half an hour. Before doing so, test carefully whether the wrap is still too hot, otherwise you could burn yourself.

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Our old friend, the onion, helps not only as a cough syrup, but also for earaches. The vapors of the onion stimulate blood circulation and reduce germs. For the poultice, chop up an onion and place the small pieces in a cotton cloth or an old sock. Put the onion bag on the painful ear and fix it with your hand or a headband. Leave the home remedy there for about 20 minutes.

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